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The anti-aging skin care market is among the fastest growing segments of the health & beauty sector.  Eye Creams are a key component in facial rejuvenation and they can help people look younger by providing both instant and long-term results.  While this market sector continues to explode, you can count on eyecream.com to be the leading source of eye cream reviews & research.

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Meet the eyecream.com Editorial Team

Editor PhotoSam Patel

Sam is an entrepreneur who has been successful in in real estate as well as  cosmetics dating back to 2001.  He has an uncanny knack for networking, which has led him to become a Consultant to many major health organizations.  His skin care knowledge blossomed when he became involved with Arbonne, makers of Swiss-formulated skin care products.  Learning about anti aging creams as well as the need for a daily skin care regimen, he has presented on the subject of skin care on numerous occasions.  A phenomenal public speaker, Sam has helped educate many people on topics such as chemical peels, daily maintenance, and various spa treatments.  He helped set up the online distribution network for the famous Dr. A.F. Kalil, who is considered South Florida’s “go-to” skin care expert.  His office on South Beach caters to all people, including many celebrities, who receive various treatments from the famous Doctor as well as stock up on his ViDerm line of skin products.

Sam brings his extensive skin care background to us after studying at Rutgers University.  You can also find his commentary in various skin care media and publications.

Gayle Saunders

Gayle is an avid world traveler and our resident “health nut.”  Gayle jokes that she knew about the legendary acai berry of Brazil long before health professionals “jumped on her bandwagon.”  Always up for a new adventure, Gayle is the guinea pig of our many eye cream reviews.  She has enjoyed every bit of it!  Originally from Europe, Gayle makes South Florida home in the winter months but contributes to the website year-round.  Her discoveries while traveling abroad are often intriguing and groundbreaking.  We’re lucky to have her on board and look to her for wisdom.

Mark Dillon

Finally, a profile of the token “tech guy.”  Also known as “Ryan Howard from the Office, “ I keep everything working here at eyecream.com.  While my priority is to keep the stories edited, the advertising sold, and the readers coming back, I do add my two cents on the skin care industry every now and then.  While I was once scared of testing eye creams, I now find myself a man who takes time out of his day to ensure proper skin care products are applied. (I guess the messages I post really hit home!)  Although my computer background doesn’t have me in the sun as much as I’d like, I have certainly grown to appreciate the quality skin care products, like eye creams, and it’s been fun getting compliments from the ladies on my skin!  I have a lot of things in store for this eye cream website, and I’m open to YOUR suggestions.  You can reach me any time at sales @ eyecream.com.