Argireline Hexapeptide

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As promised, we’re taking a long, hard look at some of the ingredients used to formulate the world’s best anti-wrinkle eye creams.  If you are a consumer of anti aging creams, you should know what ingredients are shown to work reduce the numerous signs of aging.  One miracle ingredient that has taken the cosmetic industry by storm is Argireline®.  Made by Lipotec, this peptide is specifically designed to fight expression wrinkles.  The cosmetic benefits of Argireline are remarkable:  it’s designed to reduce expression wrinkles both on the forehead and around the eyes.  Caused by repeated movements, (often called “habitual expressions), these wrinkles are among the first visible wrinkles we see as we start the process of aging.

The INCI name for Argireline® is Acetyl Hexapeptide 8, and recently, Lipotec released a paraben-free version of this ingredient.

Lipotec markets the ingredient as a topical “cosmetic alternative to Botulinum Toxin A,” which is usually marketed in surgical forms like Botox®.  Research shows that Argireline works to relax muscle contractions, therefore limiting the formation of wrinkles and expression lines.  Clinical studies show that under a 5- 10% solution of Argireline® over a 15-30 day period may show an anti wrinkle effect.

Used in cosmetic treatments normally in emulsions such as serums, Argireline® is a key ingredient in the most popular eye creams.  SkinPro, an eye cream advertiser and leading cosmeceutical manufacturer, uses the highest concentration of Argireline in it’s flagship product, Elite Serum, at a 10% level, as well as in it’s anti wrinkle cream.  The Delfogo Cosmetic Co.’s anti wrinkle cream, called the Wrinkle Eraser Cream, not only uses Argireline®, but also Leuphasyl®, another Lipotec ingredient that actually improves it’s efficacy when used in conjunction with Argireline.  Since these are among the best-selling products in the anti aging industry, it’s apparent that a lot of the success can be credited to Lipotec for making such amazing ingredients.

Final Word on Argireline:

Argireline® is available in many of the top-selling anti aging products. If you are looking to treat expression wrinkles or “eye wrinkles,” this is an ingredient you should look for in the products you buy.  The best part of Argireline is that it’s non-invasive and effective.  One could conclude that it MAY not be as effective as Botox®, but if you are looking for the best anti aging ingredient around, Argireline has to come to mind.

To download a full informational packet on Argireline, click here to visit Lipotec.





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