February 24, 2014 update:

Dr. Oz Praises Argireline as an anti aging ingredient.  Scroll down for press release related to the story and IN VIVO clinical tests for Argireline.

Our current top pick that has the suggested concentration of Argireline is Elite Serum Rx.

Elite Serum Rx is an advanced anti aging formula that uses Argireline along with other powerful cosmeceutical ingredients to help treat crow’s feet, eye wrinkles, dark under eye circles, enlarged pores, and sun-damaged skin.

*This page contains researched information about Argireline, a popular ingredient used in many of the best eye & anti wrinkle creams today to help reduce wrinkle depth.

Argireline has been around for years, but its suddenly became a household name when the popular and well respected Dr. Oz recently praised this ingredient on his show.  In this particular episode, Dr. Oz made an example of a guest named Diana.  He polled viewers, asking them to guess Diana’s age.  Her image plastered everywhere, the results were made final. The viewers guessed her age to be 53.  Sadly, Diana is only 44 years young.

Diana disclosed to Dr. Oz that she felt the appearance of her eyes made her look older than she really is.  Diana’s life changed drastically when Dr. Oz recommended an ingredient called Argireline.

Argireline is the name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-3.  The latter name is what you’ll read on the label of any skin cream or serum that has this imported ingredient.  Argireline is  a wrinkle relaxing ingredient that has been touted as “the best needle free alternative to botox injections.”  As stated earlier, we’ve been covering this and other anti aging skin care ingredient topics since 2009.

Argireline acts similar to Botox in the way it relaxes facial muscles in order to stop wrinkles.  It is a non-toxic, safe ingredient that is used in many of the best eye creams and anti wrinkle creams on the market.  A strong concentration of Argireline will always reduce wrinkle depth to the human eye.

Skin care experts suggest Argireline should be a featured ingredient in your skin creams, with a recommended concentration of 5-10%.

Argireline and it’s positive effects are well chronicled online and in laboratory research. A clinical study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science states that  acetyl hexapeptide-3 used at a 10% concentration has been shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles up to 30% after 30 days of use.

In only 15 days, 10 healthy women subjects received a wrinkle reduction of 17% while using a Argireline based cream, as shown below.

Study of Argireline

That certainly is powerful information, and enough to deem Argireline as an influential ingredient in anti wrinkle creams and eye creams.

There are IN VIVO tests and Argireline clinical studies at the following links below.

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