Caviar Eye Creams – Do They Work?

There are so many different eye cream ingredients, it’s hard to really see which one is the best.  Sure, there is research done whenever a new eye cream is launched, and people will point to clinical testing every so often to show what affects can be seen when using a certain concentration of an ingredient over an extended period of time.

In one of the latest new eye cream fads, La Prairie has successfully blended caviar into it’s eye cream.  La Prairie’s "Skin Caviar" Luxe Eye Lift Cream retails for $295.00 at Nordstrom. 

Only people with deep pockets can afford to spend around $300 for an eye cream.  However, since this is made by La Prairie, who has an entire line of skin care products that use caviar as an ingredient, we thought we would take a closer look at this hyped eye cream.

Here is the description of the eye cream taken from the Nordstrom website:

"This luxurious treatment targets the seven most prominent eye-area agers: fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, loss of elasticity, puffiness, dark under-eye circles and dryness. Uniquely formulated with a new biopolymer protein, Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream uses a cross-linking technology and forms a continuous and smooth film, helping to firm, lift and restore skin’s youthful appearance. It also contains caviar extracts that help firm and nourish, along with exclusive Cellular Complex that helps stimulate skin’s natural repair process. Marine lifting complex helps to firm and replump skin. Algae extract helps reduce dark under-eye circles and brightens the entire eye area by stimulating collagen synthesis. Sea algae extract and vitamin E help moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, tightening and firming while providing antioxidant benefits. Skin regains youthful bounce, fine lines and wrinkles recede, puffiness is reduced, dark circles brighten, moisture renews and skin is firmer and more radiant."

While we don’t give a lot of merit to what marketing companies say about their product (remember, they are trying to sell you a product), we have done extensive research about the caviar ingredient, so we will break it down in layman’s terms. 

Basically, research shows that caviar is loaded with protein, vitamins, and minerals.  It also has a cell format that is very similar to that of human skin.  By speeding up collagen growth, it works to simulate the skin, creating a plumping affect that leaves the skin with a more firm, youthful appearance. 

Here are some other benefits of using caviar as an anti aging eye cream ingredient:

  • Refreshes skin, leaving a pearly finish.
  • Antioxidant value = protects against free radical damage
  • Moisturizes and soothes the skin
  • Improves elasticity

Now you are probably saying to yourself that many other eye cream ingredients make similar claims.  That is certainly true, and many eye cream ingredients share the same properties once they are applied to the human skin. 

Can we reccomend the La Prairie Eye Caviar?  The price is certainly steep, and there are many other eye creams out there formulated to do the same thing, that sell at a much lower price point, such as the Elite Serum.  However, if you are fascinated by this eye cream, and have $300 burning a hole in your pocket, go ahead and give it a shot. Please get back to us and leave us your comments, or better yet, send us a detailed eye cream review to  We just may publish it!


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