Cosmeceutical Anti Aging Creams

If you read our eye cream portal on a frequent basis, you may hear the word "cosmeceutical."  While this is a word that makes perfect sense to us, we felt it was important to point out to our readers what exactly it means and how you should understand it’s importance in eye creams and other skin products. 

Here is the definition of "cosmeceutical"…

The marriage of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, products including these ingredients normally consist of anti aging creams and moisturizers.  These cosmetic products contain biologically active ingredients that often times make claims of medical products.  Research shows that skin products using a blend of cosmeceuticals have shown benefits above and beyond what goes into a traditional moisturizer or skin cream. 

It’s important for skin & cosmetic product consumers to know that these products are NOT considered drugs by the FDA.  Therefore, they must be careful when making claims and word their labels very carefully.  While most skin care companies and manufacturers are careful to abide by the rules, some push the envelope and make claims that can mislead customers.

While there are people in the industry who criticize cosmetic products that feature cosmeceuticals (maybe because their own brands do not feature them) there are many customers who swear by them.  For that reason, major skin product brands such as Perricone MD, Skinceuticals, EliteSkin, and others have a cultish following and generally speaking, solid product reviews. 

Our research has shown that products featuring cosmeceutical ingredients have been identified as products that are formulated to work.  While there are many products for sale without these scientific ingredients, (see products that use seaweed extract, for example) these continue to be the hot trend in the skin care industry. 

For our money, we’ll always side with the side of science. 



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