Does Elite Eye Serum Work?

A few months back, we published an in-depth trial about how the Elite Eye Serum helped a woman who was very diligent about applying it morning and evening.  Other people have asked us if those are typical results.  The short answer is that everyone reacts differently to skin care products like eye creams, and there are so many factors that need to be discussed prior to even answering that question.  This entry will break down just exactly what will help consumers see success with eye creams like the Elite Eye Serum.

Above and beyond all other things, the main thing you need to ask yourself when you judge any eye cream is “what are my expectations?”  Perhaps writing down just what you would like to see happen over the course of the next 15, 30, 45, and 60 days is a good way to take mental note of why you bought the product.  Having proper expectations laid out is appropriate because sometimes we spend good money on products and just expect too much to happen.

In the case of the Elite Eye Serum, a highly touted eye serum that has advertised with us in the past and remains a favorite of ours, there are many claims that are made leading people to believe that it’s an all-out solution to looking better around the eyes.  While we will agree the team at EliteSkin does a great job marketing the product, keep in mind it’s just that – an under eye skin product.

Let’s break down what Elite Eye Serum aims to do in it’s never-seen-before formula….

  • Visibly conceal eye wrinkles.

This is done by using a strong concentration of Argireline, also known has acetyl hexapeptide 3.  Called by many skin care insiders “the best needle free alternative to botox” (as an ingredient) this has been one area all of us have noticed visible improvement.  Rubbing on the serum around the corners of the eyes is very effective at working the skin in a manner that erodes wrinkle depth.

  • Lessen the appearance of dark under eye circles.

Same concept here, they use a high concentration of haloxyl, which has very impressive clinical tests and is a long-term cure to getting rid of dark circles.  We didn’t find this to totally get rid of dark circles (not many products really do that) but as far as lessening them, this product suits the bill.  Mark uses it in the morning to do that as well as deflate puffiness he experiences from staying up on the computer into the wee hours of the morning.

  • Make fine lines disappear around the eyes.

Disappear may be a strong word because while the Elite Eye Serum is a therapeutic (long term, will work progressively over time) approach to treating the signs of aging like fine lines, you can’t totally get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.  They are brought on by years of sun damage, repeated expressions, and squinting.  A better word would be “visibly reduce fine lines and treat the skin to restore collagen and bring elasticity to the area.”   Since we are “experts” on the subject of eye creams, we feel the proper expectations should be set.  No eye cream, or serum, will magically get rid of all of the signs of aging that are associated with being under the eyes.  However, when you use a product so rich in nutrients like Elite Eye Serum, it’s important to know that you are bringing hydration to the area that will work with repeated use to restore levels of collagen and cellular activity that the skin hasn’t seen in years.

It’s worth nothing that using pure hyaluronic acid is a major advantage Elite Eye Serum leverages.  But, the most impressive thing this serum possesses is antioxidant-rich ingredients like resveratrol.  When you use highly potent ingredients like cosmeceuticals and add in the antioxidants that EliteSkin did, you have an all out attack on wrinkles that also treats puffiness while restoring colllagen levels and promoting cellular activity.

So does Elite Eye Serum work?

YES.  You can see a fresher appearance underneath the eyes and really reduce those eye wrinkles stemming from the corners of your eyes.  BUT, you must be diligent.  You must use it twice per day. If you use it once per day, or miss sessions, you are simply setting yourself up for failure.  Use it as directed, and you should see great results.  Continued use only helps the cause.

Follow this link to read more about Elite Eye Serum and other EliteSkin anti aging products.

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2 Responses to “Does Elite Eye Serum Work?”

  1. David Ritch

    purchased Elite serum it’s a wonderful product

  2. David Ritch

    purchased Elite serum it’s a wonderful product for under eye puffieness, and dark circles . I just began using it and I can see possitive Dark cirles are diminsishing …puffiness reducing… It really is an amazing skin care product…

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