Elite Serum Discount Code for EyeCream.com Readers

EyeCream.com has always been a place where you can find the latest and greatest information and research on eye creams.  Eye creams have become a staple in many people’s anti aging skin care regimen, and we’ve made a pledge to be the #1 resource for consumers and brands alike.  This website is updated constantly as new news, reviews, and research are published.  We’ve also made a pledge to be best source for alerts on sales and discounts on all of the best eye creams. 

As part of our advertising agreement with our monthly trusty advertisers, we like to offer exclusive discounts that can be passed onto our readers.  This month, we’ve been lucky enough to secure a HUGE discount with the makers of Elite Serum.  (On a side note, you’ll be able to buy Elite Serum and other eye creams in our eye cream store later this Spring.  We’re still speaking with multiple eye cream manufacturers and finalizing distribution deals.)  

This code is good through March 15:  "EyeCreamReader"

Simply enter the above code at the time of checkout and you will save a whopping $20 off of your order. 

The offer is good whether you are a first time buyer of EliteSkin products, or a long-time customer.  You can also use it for any of their other anti aging products, such as the Elite Wrinkle Eraser, Elite V-Covery, and the Elite Cellulite Repair.  All of their anti aging skin care products are formulated in the USA in laboratories in the Skin Belt of South Florida.  The cosmeceutical ingredients are imported from as far away as Switzerland and France.  To visit the official website of EliteSkin, simply follow this link:  EliteSkin Official Website

You may have seen EliteSkin products featured in Yoga Magazine’s Fall Beauty section, as well as in an editorial in Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine, where the Age Defying System, (made up of the Elite Serum, Wrinkle Eraser, and V-Covery) was called an "Anti Aging Breakthrough."  

We’d like to thank EliteSkin for it’s continued support of our Eye Cream Research site and comittment to formulating safe, therapeutic anti aging skin care products. 



2 Responses to “Elite Serum Discount Code for EyeCream.com Readers”

  1. Effie

    I would like to purchase elite serum
    Do you know who sells it in Melbourne Australia

  2. admin

    Hi Effie,

    You’ll have to contact the parent company, Skin Pro, for that information about Australian distribution.

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