Elite Serum Rx (#1 Rated Eye Cream)

Elite Serum Rx is made by SkinPro, one of the largest importers of cosmeceutical peptides in the USA.

This product, which targets all of the signs of aging that occur around eye yes, is manufactured in an FDA registered 70,000 square foot laboratory located in South Florida.  Industry observers have noted that SkinPro works closely with laboratories to select ingredients and peptides from Switzerland, France, and other European nations.  SkinPro’s impressive resume includes breakthrough products that use telomere science, a pending patent on a cold-activated cream, emerging work with wrinkle fighting viper venom and last but not least, the flagship eye serum product, Elite Serum Rx.  

Elite Serum Review – How this Eye Serum Targets Signs of Aging

Lets just say that when we first got our hands on the new extra strength version of Elite Serum Rx, we very excited to try this product. If it worked anything like the earlier version, we would be happyElite Eye Serum Review to endorse it, however the actual results simply blew away even our most optimistic expectations!  Let me outline a couple of the significant changes that SkinPro made to Elite Serum:

  • Instead of an airless pump, which can be difficult to use, this version is made in a custom applicator syringe. No serum goes wasted and the application is extremely precise.
  • The active ingredients in this version are used in higher concentrations.  This means that there is even more potency in this formula. Syn-Coll, Snap-8, Syn-TC, Inyline and Matrixyl 3000 have been added to the mix along with Argireline, Haloxyl and Eyeliss from the earlier version. What this means is simply more potency and better results than ever before.

This eye serum has the feel and touch that a rich cream has.  Gone are the days of eye serums that feel “oily.”  

Will this make me look YOUNGER?

Many claims are made in beauty products, and especially when we talking about the anti-aging cream sector, it seems that every product on the market has “the ability to make you look years younger”. Unfortunately, most, if not all, of these “miracle products” fall quite short of the hype. For this reason, we only endorse products that use clinically tested and proven peptides, in the concentrations recommended by the manufacturers.  In our Elite Serum reviews and trials, we were happy to find out that this anti aging product not only makes the cut, but far surpassed that of many other products we tested.

The fact is most companies fluff up their offer by simply making false claims.  SkinPro has always been a “science first” company that has grown extensively in a down economy by keeping their minds on research and development, and real proven results.  This new Elite Serum Rx product is the effort of almost five years of work in the laboratory by some of the leading cosmetic chemists. It is no wonder that anti-aging guru Dr. Mark Weis, an author and researcher from the University of Kansas College of Medicine, recommends Elite Serum as the “only true topical solution for reversing the signs of aging”.

Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) LOOKS like an injection.

However, it’s not.  Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) is non-invasive, non-painful, yet JUST AS POWERFUL AS AN INJECTION. In fact, it works in many areas where an injection does not, like draining the fluid from puffy under eye bags.  Elite Serum is actually quite soothing when applied to the area of skin around the eyes. Our test group found that it works better than any other solution we have ever tried in relieving the appearance of eye wrinkles, puffiness, dark under eye circles, and all other visible signs of aging that are common in this area.

This BREAKTHROUGH product (or version “2” for lack of a better way to introduce the “new” Elite Serum) contains the highest possible concentrations of the leading peptide ingredients sourced in exclusive deals with the likes of Sederma, Centerchem, Lipotec, Pentapharm and LucasMeyer. Our favorite part is that it’s all packed inside the most advanced skin care delivery system yet – a syringe type applicator that perfectly applies the skin serum to the treatment area.

You can bet that  you will hear a lot about Elite Serum and parent company SkinPro in the coming years.  The early  reviews are already coming in – and while we were blown away with this new product that crept up out of nowhere, the Plastic Surgery Practice medical journal was left shaking their head in disbelief following a completely independent and unsolicited review where they called Elite Serum “The Anti-Aging Breakthrough of 2012″. More recently, the leader in peptide science and commercialization, Centerchem, called the new Elite Serum Rx a “fantastic product”.

As the company proudly extolls on it’s website, “this is not your mother’s department store eye serum”.

Company founder and Huffington Post anti aging contributor Tim Schmidt stated:

“This product simply works, and that is why it is getting the accolades. It is a simple formula really. SkinPro uses an extremely high concentration of clinically proven wrinkle fighting, dark circle reducing and under eye puffiness diminishing ingredients. Elite Serum Rx is a testament to the strength of their relationships with these overseas labs and their increasingly strong International buyer network.”

Here is a summary of the key peptides that form the basis of  the NEW Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) formula…..

Argireline has been clinically proven to permanently reduce wrinkle depth and lines around the eyes by up to 50% within 30 days of application.

Haloxyl is the only ingredient that has been therapeutically shown to effectively eliminate dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, and does so in a dramatic fashion.

Eyeliss, a combination of 3 bio-molecular peptides, quickly and effectively reduces puffy eye bag volume by over 70%.

Just to stack the deck and remove any doubt about which eye treatment will reign king in 2013, Elite Serum Rx adds a high concentration of Matrixyl 3000, Syn-Coll, Snap-8, Syn-TC and Inyline to its new formula.

With all this said, it is clear that Elite Serum remains our #1 eye cream for overall rejuvenation, wrinkle concealment, and ability to treat dark circles and puffiness. Nothing else comes close.

Click Here to Visit the Official Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) Website

95 Responses to “Elite Serum Rx (#1 Rated Eye Cream)”

  1. BeautyQueen

    I’m very impressed with Elite Serum as a whole! Super fast shipping, packaging was unique and impressive. I love how the product glides on, absorbs quickly. I can apply my under eye concealer within 3 minutes of my serum application. I’ve been using the product for about 3 weeks now and notice a huge improvement in my dark under eye circles and puffiness.

  2. kim

    Where do I purchase Elite Serum Rx? I live in Toronto, Canada
    and how to get some coupon codes. thank you

  3. Sam Patel


    Thanks for your inquiry. Currently they offer it at $59 on their website at http://www.EliteSerum.com. Otherwise, email the parent company for current coupons. We also mail these our in our newsletter.

  4. Maria C.

    I am really thinking about ordering this serum, but I have a question. Does it provides permanent results or are they only visible while using it?

  5. leigh herzog

    Hello, I have been using this product also for 3 months and I have seen noticeable reduction in wrinkles under my eyes and on my eyelid and at the corners of my eyes. My once deep crow’s feet wrinkles have literally filled in thanks to this. I know it is not sold as a ‘miracle’, but that is what I consider it. There is no other product like it for filling in deep eye wrinkles. Even Botox (which I have had several times) does not have the same overall effect as this product as this works under the eye and on the eye lid also. I will update again in another month and have been taking pictures which I will share with you, Gayle.

  6. Isabella Loguidice

    I had a few questions about the product and I contacted customer service. My email was answered within a few hours and the staff was incredibly knowledge and friendly. product arrived within a few days.

  7. donna7090@earthlink.net

    At 38, I have some lines around my eyes, but I wanted to see what Elite Serum could do for more defined, deeply set wrinkles. I asked my mother in law to try the serum for a week along with me and she agreed. She couldn’t thank me enough for introducing her to this product. After just 21 days her wrinkles had become lessened and looked ‘softer.’ She said that her makeup went on more smoothly and didn’t seem to settle into the lines.

  8. SAMMI


  9. Carolina Life

    The puffiness has subsided and is nothing like it was before I began using Elite Serum. The wrinkle filling is the best part because I do not need to do actual injections, no more looking around for a product that actually works and spending hundreds of dollars just to find a product. Elite Serum works just like they claim. This product has a lot of science behind it, no phony celeb endorsements or infomercials. Will share this info with everyone!



  11. Toni

    I’m 69 yrs old and of course throughout ny younger years I cursed oily skin. Now I’m thankful because the oil kept the wrinkles at bay.. It’s been told to me “No Way” are you 69 yr.old. My problem is not wrinkles but uder my eyes, ,minimmal bags..Just this deep curved line that rest right under where a “eye bag” would be.I don’t know if it would be a wrinkle If it is it is a deep wrinkle. I have tried everything not to basically remove it but to soften it down so it dosen’t look so pronounced (to remove itwould be short of a miracle).Nothing works until I tried Elite Serum . After applying the serum and then looking at my finished results, there it is the two deep lines under my eyes are gone, Thats all I see. The rest of my face Im satisfied with “For now anyway’
    Thank You

  12. Marilyn Latimer

    what a technology forward product. as a beauty product junkie, i have tried everything and every formula known to man. this one is such a unique blend of peptides and it has argireline in it, which makes it even better. this is a must try for anyone suffering from dark circles.

  13. Nadya

    How long I have to use the elite serum
    I thugt just one time. Please let me know Thank you

  14. beapearl

    Hi Nadya, I just thought I’d share my experiences with you. I’ve been using Elite Serum for about 3 months now. The formula is a therapeutic, so it works over time, it’s not one of those scams that promises to produce immediate results. I did immediately notice the positive effects, such as the tingly, cooling sensation upon application, but I really noticed huge differences in my under eye circles and puffiness right around 30-45 days. Everyone’s results are differernt.

  15. Jen Cohen

    I purchased the Elite Serum Rx at Dermstore, super fast shipping, great packaging, they really took care to make sure that it didn’t get damaged in shipping. coolest looking syringe ever. cant wait to ttry. I paid $110, but then I saw it at http://www.eliteserum.com for only $60. So thats where I will buy it next time.

  16. Elena

    I love this product. I’ve been using it for about three weeks, and am happy with what I’m seeing- results! Elite Serum has already helped with puffy eyes, darkness in the corners, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and given me an overall ‘brighter’, more awake look. Twice a day, a little goes a long way!

  17. Wanda Patterson

    I have bags under my eyes, (36 years of age). I know they will not disappear, but if I can have them reduced that would be great.

  18. Marilou Villar

    I would like to try your products, for eyes, face , neck and arms, where can I buy?

  19. Gayle S.

    Hi Wanda,

    Elite Serum is a great choice for those who have issues with under eye circles and bags.

    Elite Serum contains ingredients such as Haloxyl and Eyeliss, both of which specifically target under eye circles and eye puffiness. It also contains red and green seaweed extract that acts as a moisturizer.

    Hi Marilou,

    Try their website at http://www.eliteserum.com, that seems to be the best price out of all the stores that sell the product.

  20. Sandy Kassinger

    On the advise of my doctor, I gave Elite a try before deciding on surgery. I just turned 60 and I wasn’t expecting too much to be honest from a serum. Well I am now going on to my third vial and people are telling me that I don’t even look 50. I wanted to get rid of my wrinkles, particularly crow’s feet, and this did that for me along with settling down the puffiness that has developed under my eyes. I don’t think any surgery could fix all of these problems. The big plus for me is no pain as any operation at my age that is non-essential is just plain risky and I want to avoid that if possible and still keep my looks. Thanks Gayle for this incredible resource here. Without this site I would never have found my new favorite beauty product, Elite Serum!

  21. Rhonda Shimmerman

    My eyes look younger and awake, the discoloration is no longer noticeable and my wrinkles are definitely diminshed, even those around my mouth! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has tried other creams with no results. This one works!

  22. Lorena Molnar

    Great product for anyone who suffers from allergies. Allergies leave me with swollen, puffy eyes. Elite Serum has an ingredient in it called Eyeliss and it’s said to reduce under eye puffiness by up to 70%. I use it twice a day and I can tell a huge difference. Not only does it work, it feels great and offers some relief to the pain associated with itching my eyes all day. I was really impressed to learn about the many peptides that Elite Serum contains and the fact that one of its ingredients, Argireline is supported by Dr. Oz.

  23. Jeanie Y.

    This product is amazing for someone who likes a no hassle approach to beauty. It has all the ingredients to combat eye circles, puffiness and wrinkles without havign to use more than one product.

  24. Jim

    I was always reluctant to use beauty products such as this becasue I’m a guy. However, after seeing the results that my girlfriend experienced, I decided to see what it would do for me. I was very surprised. The pesky little lines actually started to fade and even disappear after only a few weeks! To any guy considering an eye product like this, I would highly recommend Elite.

  25. NickeyR

    Hey Jim…..I just wanted to applaud you for jumping in and commenting. My husband uses ‘beauty’ products as well and at first he was reluctant, but now its part of his daily routine. Kudos to you!

  26. Grace

    i have very sensitive skin so i usually stick to products that have all natural ingredients because super strong ingredients usually sends my skin into a freak out. this product is the first i’ve found that doesn’t do that! it has a great texture and moisturizers very well.

  27. Heather RN

    Bought for a friend thatd is always complaining about dark circles under her eyes. I know haloxyl is good for curing that and it worked well for her so I picked some up for myself over here at my clinic and have been very happy as I’m getting a little older and need something to smooth out the lines.

  28. Go Bulls

    Been using this product for a month and can’t believe the improvements i’m seeing. this works great on my dark circles and feels so good and so smooth on my skin.

  29. TRINA


  30. Bijoiux LaCroix

    Some have referred to this product as their holy grail and after trying it, i can see why. I was contemplatign Botox but a friend of mine let me try her Elite Serum and I am so glad she did. My wrinkles have started to plump out and become less noticeable. my skin looks tighter and firmer and more even.

  31. Belia Bukowski

    Do you have a coupon code yet for the Elite Serum Rx version?

  32. labella

    Really happy. i don’t suffer from wrinkles yet so i basically only need a moisturizer. Customer service was really great. super easy to get a hold of and very friendly and helped me find what i needed.

  33. Dona Hawley

    I’ve heard a lot about your elite serum and am anxious to try it. If it works on these 77 year old eyes, I’ll sing your praises from the rooftops, Honest!!!

  34. Meghan Kimel

    Even though this is a therapeutic treatment I felt perked up with more energy after just a few uses. After 3 months I felt like a new person. Finally no more dark circles under my eyes!

  35. dan_mianco9

    purchased for my wife who has really bad under eye circles. people literally will ask her if she has a black eye. i found this product in the mall at sephora while shopping for her birthday present and had to get it for her. she has noticed such an improvement that people are asking her what she had done to her face. it makes me feel so good that she has her confidence back

  36. Alison Dee

    Clearly this is the best alternative to an injection. I have only been using a few weeks so I haven’t even used much of the serum and I am hoping by the time that little baby is bone dry I will see a really nice improvement. I am not looking to look 25 anymore, that would be ridiculous! But I wouldn’t mind looking 38ish or so. I just want to look like I had a good night’s sleep and that I take really good care of my skin.

  37. Genivieve C.

    I have been using Elite Serum since the product launched in 2009. I really like the increased potency of this new version that comes in the syringe package. This really does work. Fine lines, dark circles, puffy eye bags, gone!

  38. Joanna Polanski

    Don’t have wrinkles even at 62, Ive been ,blessed but occassionally my right
    under eye is a bit puffy.Don’t know why but think elevation may be the cause.
    I may need to raise the head of my bed every night instead of just somtimes.
    Nevertheless, this serum worked for me to de-puff my right under eye in only
    a few days. Very happy customer.

  39. johanna

    Purchased through my doctor after reading all the good reviews. Works great. Normally I look so tired in the morning – Not anymore!

    I highly recommend this. :) :) :)

  40. linda eyster

    does this really work and what is best for the rest of my face/

  41. Gayle S.


    It works for me and thousands of others who have used it and left reviews here and at other sites like Amazon.com, etc.

    As far as a cream for the rest of your face, an overall solid plan to follow would be to moisturize or use a night cream. Something with anti aging properties like Renovage is probably best.

  42. twinkle_star001@gmail.com

    The directions state using this product twice a day to clean skin and massaging it gently around the eyes until absorbed. I foundthat the Elite Serum Airless Syringe released just enough product without wasting and keeping the product more sanitary than sticking a finger into a cream, serum, or lotion where it can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

  43. Sigrid McNeil

    what is the % of argireline in elite serum? Thank you, Sigrid

  44. Gayle S.

    Hi Sigrid, Richard Banks from SkinPro laboratories replied to an email and stated they are “There are several marquee peptides that make up the Elite Serum formula, and these range in concentration between 4-8% each, all exceeding the manufacturer’s efficacy requirements. For this reason we classify the formula as Extra Strength.”

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