EliteSkin Accepted into World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine

It’s always nice to see our sponsors make headlines.  As part of our advertising package, we are proud to provide updates on what is going on within various organizations.  We woke up this morning to find an email in our inbox about a recent development with anti aging cosmeceutical manufacturer EliteSkin.  Here is a summary, in case you aren’t a current customer or didn’t get the email. 

"EliteSkin is proud to announce its recent membership acceptance into the World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine (WAAAM). The WAAAM is a member-based society dedicated to the protection and preservation of the health of the public, and the advancement of education and research in the clinical specialty of anti-aging and regenerative medicine."

The company also noted that since being accepted, it’s received numerous inquiries from various skin care distributors, dermatologists, and other health care practitioners who are interested in carrying the EliteSkin line of products. 

The company is celebrating it’s acceptance into this prestigious organization with a discount code for all customers.  Simply call 800-575-2065 during East Coast business hours or visit EliteSkin Online and reference discount code: WAAAM20. 

Interested in more exposure for your eye cream?  Contact us to find out how you can get your eye cream in front of thousands of people interested in the latest eye cream research.  

Email us at sales@eyecream.com 

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