Experts Weigh in on Stem Cells as Eye Cream Ingredient

As eye creams become more advanced, experts are always looking for the latest ingredients that can cure the common signs of aging.  Many of the best eye creams are using cosmeceutical ingredients that are clinically proven to treat dark circles, puffiness, and sun damage.  One ingredient that seems to becoming popular among skin care product manufacturers is Apple Stem Cells. 

In a recent edition of New Beauty, experts looked at the use of stem cells in an eye serum.  Here is what one expert, named Dr. Naidu, had to say:

"Theoretically, using apple stem cells on the skin may protect it from the aging effects of UV rays, and it may also help to stimulate antioxidants and skin healing.  But we really need more data to determine if they act in the same manner as human stem cells."

Apple stem cells are believed to regenerate damaged adult skin cells, protecting them from environmental aggressors to reduce the appearance of expression lines, facial wrinkles, and uneven skin tone.  While this is a relatively new, unproven concept, the fact remains that companies continue to manufacture stem cell eye creams and retailing them with hefty prices. 

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