Clinical Tests Don’t Lie

Chances are you came to this website in hopes of finding the best eye cream.  Many people use the Internet to find the best eye cream for puffiness, dark circles, and eye wrinkles.  Although there are several eye creams out there claiming to be the best, all you have to do is look to clinical testing to find the right eye cream for your situation.

Before you buy any eye cream, serum, or even gel, you should decide what symptom, (or symptoms) of aging you are attempting to treat.  Many people buy eye creams for different reasons.  Some look extensively for an eye cream that treats those nasty eye wrinkles that stem from the corner of our eyes.  Others only care about plumping the skin underneath the eyes and look for a more moisturizing effect.  Many people, especially in the younger generations, look to eye creams that treat puffiness and dark circles, two symptoms that plague people who do not get enough sleep or who overkill their body with toxins. 

After you identify what symptoms you are attempting to treat, you are ready to find the right eye cream to add to your skin care regimen.  It’s important to look for products that have been clinically tested according to the symptom you are looking to treat.  That isn’t to say that a product without clinical testing isn’t going to perform well or have any impact on the skin around your eyes, because everyone’s skin reacts different when it comes in contact with other products.  But, to attempt to explain this by making a comparison to education is probably the best way to explain it.

Let’s say two people get into a debate over a certain topic.  For examples sake we’ll use "History."  Person "A" claims to be an expert on the topic and states "My Great Grandfather was smart, and he taught me everything he knew about history.  This is why I know more than you."  

Person "B," on the other hand, has a degree from Harvard.  Person "B" majored in history.  One can easily point to the prestige of the degree earned from Harvard and agree that they are obviously more qualified on the subject of history.

While that example may not be the easiest way to follow the logic implied by clinical testing, you probably get the point.  It’s worth noting that clinical testing is NOT cheap, and it must be done according to many guidelines put out there by the FDA. 

For this reason, we are more impressed with eye creams and serums that have actual clinical tests performed than ones that do not.  In fact, it would be great if all eye creams had to go through the rigorous clinical tests that some companies pay massive amounts of money to perform.  This way, we could look at each eye creams from a statistical standpoint and compare their ability to treat the various signs of aging.

If you are looking for an eye cream that treats dark circles, there may not be a better option on the market than the Dark Circle Serum by Wrinkle System.  This eye serum is specifically designed for concealing dark circles and reducing puffiness.  Here is a breakdown of it’s clinical testing:

  • 35% reduction in dark circles
  • 31% reduction in puffiness
  • 42% improvement in skin smoothness

Those numbers a based on clinical tests of subjects that applied the eye serum twice daily for 30 days.  Pretty impressive by all standards.  For those of you looking for a dark circle cure, it’s also competitively priced at $59.  If you order in the month of March, you can even use the discount code "save5" for $5 off your purchase at their official website:  Wrinkle System.

Dark Circle Serum by Wrinkle System






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