Eye Definition System Features Eye Serum & Eye Gel

We ran a story about how gold helps promote youthful skin a while back.  In an interesting update, there is a brand called Venetian Beauty we’ll be sampling for the rest of the year and posting an eye cream review for everyone to read.  Using gold in the product formula, Venetian Beauty also uses all natural ingredients sourced in the Far East.  Here is a quick snapshot of what is being sold in what they call the “Eye Definition System.”

This system is made up of two products, an eye gel, and and eye serum.  It’s sold for $117, and is a two part system for attacking the signs of aging that we so often see surrounding our eyes.  While the eye serum is certainly the more eye appealing product, as it’s sold in a transparent package showing off the mystique of the gold flakes, the eye gel is certainly a “precision” product, with a squeeze tube and pinhole at the end assuring you won’t waste any of the gel.

Eye Gel by Venetian Beauty

From what the website says, the Eye Definition System works like this…

“The world’s first ever micro-targeted eye care complex, the Eye Definition System is designed to significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the gentle skin around the eyes. This includes a noticeable reduction in crow’s feet expression wrinkles that stem from the corners of the eyes. Furthermore, the products in this system contain a highly advanced peptide and antioxidant combination, which greatly diminishes dark circles and puffiness associated with toxin buildup around the eyes. In addition to the exponential effect realized by using both of these synergenic treatments together, save $49 over the cost of purchasing both products independently. Protect your eyes from the signs of aging, stress and the environment and actively reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness by using the 24K Gold Eye Serum and 24K Intensive Eye Gel twice daily in the morning and evening.”

To read more, visit Venetian Beauty.

So, doing our normal investigative research, we looked into the ingredients used in this formula.

24k Eye Gel

Gold, as we mentioned earlier, is the ancient key to eternal youth, proven to reduce fine lines, detoxify, and promote overall skin rejuvenation, renewal and elasticity.  As reported widely, the late Cleopatra used to receive gold facial treatments before bed each evening.  It’s also worth noting that many of the world’s top spa’s feature gold in many of their anti aging skin care treatments & wraps.

The Eye Gel also uses many natural extracts, such as:

Helps to boost the blood circulation, tones and tightens the skin, while helping to remove waste products and fatty build-ups.

A supercharged anti-oxidant with anti- inflammatory properties, scientific studies have revealed that antho- cyanins such as those found in blueberries naturally avert glycation-induced damage by stabilizing the collagen matrix, promoting collagen biosynthesis, and improving microcirculation

For antioxidant value, it adds Grapeseed Oil:

The antioxidant effect of this oil is most useful when fighting the ravages of aging, as the oxidative stress caused by free radicals, which are neutralized by antioxidants, is one of the major factors that cause aging.

Finally, used as a solid base in most under eye treatments, there is a strong concentration of pure hyaluronic acid.

Let’s look at the 24k Gold Eye Serum:

Gold, of course, leads off the ingredient list, which we touched on earlier.

This vegetal protein hydrolyzate is combined with a bipolar polymeric agent and is an exciting new cosmetic ingredient with an immediate lifting effect that is far more long lasting than older types of molecules that were obtained from animal and fish sources.

Of course, some more of the high profile antioxidants include

Green Tea Extract…A powerful antioxidant, protects cells from oxidative stress to minimize future signs of aging.

Something that Venetian Beauty seems to use in a lot of their products is the silk Peptides.  Let’s take a look at why it’s used:

A highly purified grade of natural silk protein, it is processed in such a way as to retain the original physical structure and chemical composition of silk. Numerous clinical studies have proven this peptide’s ability to dramatically smooth out fine lines and wrinkles almost instantly upon application.

We did some research on this ingredient and found some interesting information.  Once it’s “processed,” it becomes silk protein.  All research shows that it absorbs very well into the skin cells, and does well to revitalize the skin. It’s also shown to increase melanin in the skin and add moisture, which is why it’s present in various skin products made by the company.

We like that Venetian Beauty is using a very natural approach to skin treatments in this line of skin care products, and think that using ingredients typically found and known in the Orient will gain traction in the USA and Europe.

We will be testing various products from Venetian Beauty for the rest of 2010, and you can expect a full review of the Eye Precision System in early 2011 in our eye cream review archive.

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