Eye Wrinkle Creams

Eye Wrinkles…..probably the most annoying wrinkle on the entire human body.  They make us look older as they set up deep into our skin.

Many people ask what sort of anti aging cream they should use to treat these pesky skin deficiencies.  They ask, “should I use an anti wrinkle cream to treat eye wrinkles, or should I use an eye cream?”

There is no correct answer as to which specific anti aging cream you should use – the correct answer lies in the ingredients in each product you are considering using.

For instance, one ingredient you should definitely look at, whether you choose to use an eye cream or a wrinkle cream – is Argireline.  (Aceytl Hexapeptide 3).  This has been called the best needle free alternative to botox by many skin care insiders, and it’s an ingredient that works to relax facial wrinkles, even eye wrinkles.  Many of the best anti wrinkle treatments, whether they are eye creams, or simply wrinkle creams, feature this amazing ingredient in their formula.  You also need an eye treatment that contains a good moisturizer as dry skin can also lead to wrinkles.  Vitamin A, E, C and red and green seasweed extracts are all good examples of a moisturizer.  It is not necessary to purchase a separate moisturizer, as most creams contain one of the above mentioned moisturizing agents.

While there is not an exact product match when people say “eye wrinkle creams,” many people reach for eye creams.  Anti wrinkle facial creams are more designed for the expression lines that form around the forehead as well as around the frown lines.  Eye creams, except for those formulated just for dark circles or puffiness, are best for treating eye wrinkles given they have the proper ingredients.

For this reason it’s important you study each product you purchase.  Don’t just read claims, study ingredients as well.  Eye wrinkles, or “crows feet,” are the most difficult wrinkles to treat.  Years of sun damage, repeated expressions, such as squinting, and constant use go into helping these nasty lines form at the corners of the eyes.

Most likely, you are here reading this site because you are either looking to treat or prevent wrinkles.  Wrinkle prevention should start at an early age in life, and not be taken lightly.  Wrinkle prevention is much easier then wrinkle correction, and you can accurately prevent wrinkles by following the below steps.

1.  Do not smoke. Smoking is a one of the worst possible things you can do to your skin.  Think about it, how many times do you meet a 30 year smoker who has FABULOUS skin?  The answer is never, because smoking is an absolute buzzkill to your skin.

2.  Avoid overexposure to the sun. The sun has harmful UV rays that can damage your skin beyond control and actually induce wrinkles.  If you find yourself living somewhere the sun shines frequently, be sure to apply a high spf sunblock formula when you are exposed to the sun.

3.  Moisturize your skin. Always keep your skin moisturized, wherever you go.  Even when you travel, take a moisturizer with you.  Your skin needs nutrients and care, so you need to plan ahead.  Good skin may be hereditary, but maintaining it is entirely up to you.

4.  The right diet will also help. Did you know that foods high in antioxidants are fantastic for your skin?  It’s true.  Be sure to consume foods high in antioxidants as much as possible.  Foods that contain antioxidants include beets, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, berries (such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries), kiwi, grapefruit, nuts, pecans, cloves, cinnamon, and oregano.

5.  Apply a Wrinkle Cream & Eye Serum. Even if you don’t have wrinkles formulating just yet, be sure to apply a wrinkle cream and eye serum to your face.  Even if you apply it once or twice per week (I know the cost of products can be prohibitive) you will be infusing your face with powerful ingredients and fighting the battle before it begins.  Like the old saying goes, “better be safe than sorry.”

Only YOU can prevent wrinkles.  Be sure to take care of yourself starting at an early age, and you will be rewarded with good skin for a much longer period of time.

Besides treating bags under your eyes with an eye serum or cream, you can live a healthier lifestyle to essentially help your skin age better.  A consistent exercise routine goes a long way in keeping your skin healthy.  Also, wrinkles will appear much bigger and plumper if you don’t get an adequate amount of sleep.  It’s important to sleep well and establish good sleep patterns.  This goes a long way in helping the skin age naturally and effectively.