Fox News Lists Eye Creams as “Must Have” for Men

There is a reason eye creams have shot to the forefront of the most purchased anti aging skin care products:  they work wonders at helping people look younger.  Whether you are a long time reader of our eye cream research blog or a new visitor to the site, it’s important you grasp just exactly what impact eye creams have on your face as you age.

In a Fox News article, a report listed eye creams as one of the TOP 10 Products Every Man Should Own.  When you see other items in the report such as “multivitamins,” you know it’s a serious list of products.  Here is a breakdown of what Fox reported in their top ten list, as well as some comments on what they had to say about eye creams.

Scalp stimulant/hair revitalizer



High-quality razor and shaving cream

–  Eye Cream

Here is what Fox’s report said about  “Why it fights the aging process.”

Eye cream is designed to hydrate and deliver nutrients to the sensitive, thin skin around your eyes, where wrinkles often first appear. Top products either plump up skin to minimize the appearance of any fine lines you presently have or target the cell turnover process to slow the formation of future wrinkles.

How to use it: Use an eye cream twice daily — once in the morning and again before bed. A light touch is needed when applying this product as stretching out your skin will encourage wrinkles rather than get rid of them. Dab on eye cream by moving in semicircles toward your nose underneath your eye and on your lids. Store this stuff in the fridge if you also want to depuff under-eye bags and wake up tired eyes.

The list rounds out with an antioxidant moisturizer, a good re-usable water bottle,  great mattress, sunscreen, and weights/exercise equipment.  Sounds like a lot of stuff that most men do have, sans the skin care products.

The bottom line is that “looking young” is “in,” and everyone from celebrities to major men’s web portals like know that.  It’s good to see that a serious top ten list was released, and not the stress is on taking care of one’s self.  If you count the razor & shaving cream as skin-related products, you have five of the ten products coming from the skin care niche.

By the way, all you men out there, a woman wrote that article, so you can see that women are once again suggesting that good skin is what they want in their man!

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