How to Get Discounts on Eye Creams

Many people buy skin care products such as eye creams on impulse.  They hear a few good things about a product, do some research, and next thing you know, they are calling to see about getting one sent in the mail or even making a trip to the local mall to see if it’s for sale there.  While buying on an impulse is something that happens in all market segments, the beauty business thrives on it more than any other sector.

Take a recent Labor Day Grill-Out I attended here in South Florida.  There must have been 120 people there from all walks of life.  People from Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Germany, Argentina, and of course us Florida residents who migrated from different parts of the USA and Canada.  Point being there were many different cultures and backgrounds present, but the talk of the party was a woman who recently had a chemical peel.

Her face was visibly more vibrant, with less signs of aging than before by a mile.  It was a sight that people who knew her were awestruck by.  She had all but removed some long-term sun damage around the pockets of skin under the eyes, as well as cleared up a patch of skin that always seemed to be irritated or prone to acne.  For people that knew all of the skin treatments she went through, this was nothing short of a minor miracle.  Within minutes, all the talk was “which Doctor did you see?”  For certain, the office will be getting a flood of calls by many people not only from this party, but from people who hear about it through the grapevine.

Skin care companies thrive on your long term purchases.  For that reason, once they have you in the door, they will bend over backwards to keep you happy.  If you have purchased a product recently, odds are you have received follow-up emails with promotions and other sales announcements.

So back to the question I posed in the title of this entry….

Saving Money on Eye Cream Products

1.  Sign up for our newsletter.

Just last week I started to complete a project I’ve been working to jump-start for quite some time – the newsletter.  It took a while because while the website is updated weekly with new eye cream news and reviews, the idea of a newsletter is sort of redundant.  Why repeat information?  I figured if people are truly interested, they will bookmark the site and come back as desired.  I’m the last person to email anyone I’ve never met with any frequency – so why start now?

SO…..instead, the newsletter is now an eye cream coupon code announcement center.  That’s right, it will only send coupons for eye creams and other skin care products.  If you want deals NOW on eye creams and other products, please sign up now, as the current offer is a whopping $25 coupon good for this month.

In the future, we’ll be sending more coupon codes and discount announcements.  If you don’t need products, or don’t like the offer, just delete them.  There is no obligation, the program is free, and you can unsubscribe at any time.  It’s just a simple email that can unlock HUGE savings, and judging from the email I received yesterday, it’s a smash success….

Mark, thanks for the coupon.  I looked high and low for savings like this, and never found one for $25 off.  Thank you.  You made my day!

– Georgia D.  Omaha, Nebraska

2.  Look online at “coupon code sites.”

There are many online sites that allow consumers to post their recent coupon codes to in an effort to allow other people to see what sort of discounts are being offered by companies. If you have found great savings, share it with others.  If you are in need of a coupon code, visit and take a gander at what there is out there.

Here are a few of the more popular coupon sites:

Visit each site, and search by the product or company name you are looking for.

3.  Join the newsletter of any company you have bought from in the past or are looking to buy from in the future.

Sometimes companies I use to buy things online send way too many emails.  I haven’t really seen that trend remain consistent in skin care.  Most companies refrain from sending out daily updates and stick to announcing new products and sales.  (Those are the good emails!) So, I subscribe to many companies newsletters (how do you think I generate so much new content?) and am always kept abreast of these deals.  If I don’t like something or if it doesn’t say “save” somewhere in the email subject or first paragraph, I delete it.  No harm done.

Hopefully this helps you save some money on skin care products like eye creams.  Being a smarter consumer can help allow you to save money and try out products you would not normally have budgeted for.

-Mark Dillon

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