HSBC Workshops Suggest Women Need Eye Cream

HSBC is a mammoth multinational corporation,and among the biggest banking institutions in the world.  They invest millions of dollars in their employees overall well-being, and do pretty much anything to ensure that their employees are happy and maintain a positive attitude.  They go on the notion that a happier workforce will yields greater productivity and creativity in the work environment.

Eye Creams for Women and Why They Need Them

HSBC is investing time and money in workshops for women, and the company recently had a half-day event called  “Wellness for the Working Woman.”  This event covered topics on skin care, stress management, yoga and breast cancer.

In the skin care segment, HSBC brought in Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo, a dermatologist who spoke on the topic of skin care.  She stated in her forum, “Everyone wants to look like Hollywood stars but unfortunately not everyone can look like them.”

Dr. Teo issued a stern warning to the attending women about the importance of proper skin care.  Procrastination seemed to be the popular topic.  Dr. Teo advised women to start a skin care routine very early in life, and went on to say “Not even the most expensive skin care product and treatment can bring back some of the years, if applied too late in life.”

The Doctor also covered the topic of prevention.  Stating that women in their 20s are lucky to be in the age where it is the “best time for their skin,” but warned that by the time they near 30, cell formation drops by 30 percent.  She concluded this topic by stating that the skin becomes more prone to wrinkles and other aging factors.

It’s no secret that sun exposure, smoking and alcohol intake all contribute to premature aging of the skin.  Long-term skin appearance is mostly affected by diet, hydration, sleep and exercise.

Detailing how the sun is the skin’s greatest enemy, Dr. Teo advised wearing wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses and skin protection if out in the field for extended periods, and sunblock of SPF 15-30, depending on how long one stays under the sun. Anything beyond SPF 50, she said, doesn’t have much difference anymore. The key is to consistently reapply when needed. For extended sun exposure, she recommends oral sunblock.

Women in their 20s need to develop the basic skin regimen of cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliation and sun protection, Dr. Teo said.

Most importantly, Dr. Teo said, “Invest, too, in good eye cream, as the eye area is more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliate skin to improve dullness and even skin tone.”

Companies like HSBC are realizing the importance of company morale, self-esteem, and happiness.  To have a professional such as Dr. Teo come in and make such a strong suggestion that women use eye creams is a reason we continue to update this website so frequently with all of the latest eye cream research.

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