The Importance of Staying Hydrated

While this site is dedicated to topical eye cream products, we are strong believers in overall wellness and taking care of yourself. That means not only putting the right stuff on the outside of your skin, but also putting the right stuff inside of your body to make sure everything is functioning at top performance.

Even though it is the most basic thing on Earth, water is one crucial aspect of your daily intake that you should make sure you are getting enough of. In today’s post, we’ll go into detail on why it is so important.

Why Staying Hydrated Helps Skin

You hear it all the time – make sure you are drinking enough water. You know this is true, but do you really abide by it? As a general rule, you should be drinking eight servings of an 8-ounce glass of water every day at the minimum. Also, you should ensure that you are drinking clean water so you aren’t introducing harmful chemicals into your body. If you have a sulfuric smell to your water, follow these tips for well water smells like rotten eggs how to fix to get back to cleaner H2O running through your tap.

So why is it so imperative that you have enough? It is a big part of proper skin health. If you want a healthier, more radiant, younger-looking complexion, it all starts with taking care of your body from the inside. By staying hydrated, this increased moisture seeps its way all the way to the skin’s surface from the inside.

Your skin is an organ, made up of billions of cells. Keeping these cells hydrated helps to keep them moist, supple, and plump. With more robust skin cells, wrinkles and fine lines at the surface of the skin are “filled in”, the skin becomes more tight and elastic, and the signs of aging are reduced. Just like we preach about all the anti-aging skin care products on this site, you are doing your skin a disservice if you aren’t also worried about health at the cellular level.

A lack of hydration in the skin leads to dry, cracked skin that looks unsightly and is in constant need of a good moisturizer and other lotions. If you are drinking enough water, these skin issues are few and far between, and often the result of an external source. You also help your body clear out toxins that lead to ugly skin blemishes such as acne.

While you won’t see a difference overnight, if you stick with a proper level of water in your daily routine for a sustained you will feel and see the benefits over time. We find that it is handy to keep a notepad or even a Post-It note where you mark a tally with each glass that you drink throughout the day, as it helps to count where you’re at and make sure you’re getting enough. Don’t just drink when you are thirsty – that means you are already dehydrated – shoot for a glass every hour or two and you should reach the eight glasses you need.


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