There is one ingredient that is just short of a miracle cream for treating eye wrinkles, and it’s called Renovage. It’s an ingredient so powerful that it works towards the skin’s natural protection and repair factors involved in anti-stress, telomere maintenance (strands of DNA that get smaller as we age), detoxification, and finally- DNA repair. Renovage is made by a French company called Sederma, the same company that makes Matrixyl3000.

Renovage is an all-out-attack on telomeres, which are strings of DNA made of four nucleic acid bases that deplete as we age. Starting around 8,000 “base pairs” as we are born, these structures are reduced by number to about 1,500 as we reach our elder years. Keeping these strong and in proper circulating condition should be a priority to any0ne who is concerned with wrinkles around the eyes. For this reason, it’s important to use a skin product in tandem with your eye cream called the Telomere Cell Cream. You can find this on Amazon and it’s made by Delfogo.

DNA cream photo (with Renovage)

This is a leading telomere cream. Telomeres shorten as we age, and are a crucial part of the aging process.

Here is a breakdown of some of the impressive characteristics of the Telomere Cell Cream:

  • Fights against ALL signs of aging, such as dehydration, age spots, and ineffective barrier function.
  • This facial cream protects against stress by telomere stabilization and DNA maintenance, (in short, cell division.)

Improves the cell tissue quality by increasing interactions among cells. To simplify what this means to your skin, renovage re-balances your cellular functions and enhances metabolism.

Clinical Testing Report…..

This facial cream has an amazing clinical test to report. In a simple blind study of 24 women, +/- 6 years from the age of 58, who have not used any anti aging cream in the last month, the below results were achieved:

Note: Twice per day application was used in this study.

30% – 58% increase in skin moisture of ALL PANELISTS.

UV Sun spots DECREASED by 42-56% for ALL PANELISTS.

Most importantly, with a 3% Renovage level, which this cream uses in it’s formula, cellular life span increases by 33%.

This daily use cream protects the skin unlike regular moisturizing creams, as 75% of the panelists used in a study reported they had an improvement in skin firmness.

The mean age of the study was 58 years old, with a range of 52 – 64.

If you think it’s too late to get younger, healthier-looking skin, you are VERY wrong.

Other stats cited in the clinical evaluations follow:

  • 100% of panelists showed a reduction in wrinkles
  • 100% of panelists reported improvement in moisture, sun spots
  • 90% reported a reduction of skin redness and pore size

But most importantly, 75% of the panelists revealed a reduction in FINE LINES… eye wrinkles.

graph of clinical evaluations

This product is for serious DNA Repair and I am highly impressed with what I’ve read about it.