How to Prevent Wrinkles

prevent-main_full1To reduce wrinkles, it takes a little more than that one magical formula. There are several things and more important ways to take care of our wrinkles. It comes down to a number of daily activities including – lifestyle, sun exposure, food and drink intake, vitamins, and even the positioning of your body while you are sleeping. While it may sound and seem like a lot of work, most of these things are simple, daily steps that are usually ignored. With proper care, you CAN prevent wrinkles.

Different things you do in your daily life could have a lot of effect to your body and cause excessive wrinkles to appear. For example, if you are under constant or repeated stress, expect more wrinkles. Stress is not worth loosing your health or your precious appearance.

This is why it’s important to do whatever it takes to reduce stress – even if it means changing jobs. Intake of liquids throughout the day, especially water, is another important factor.

Drinking water every day is what your body and skin needs to stay properly hydrated. Dried-out and dehydrated skin is prone to wrinkle more easily. Schedule healthy meals and exercise every day to maintain a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. Stay away from junk food and other processed foods, for they contain artificial colors that will lead to dark circles under eyes and will obstruct facial skin. It has also been proven in studies that scheduling exercise and healthy meals into your lifestyle will reduce stress. A good night’s sleep every night is also very important.

While you are sleeping, try staying on your back instead of your face. Wrinkles are able to form overnight, while you are sleeping. Excessive sun exposure, smoking, and alcohol should also be avoided as much as possible. If you work outdoors, make sure you wear enough sunscreen with a high enough SPF. And finally, use of an eye cream that contains pharmaceutical-grade Argirilene, Haloxyl and Hyaluronic Acid is essential to reducing wrinkles around the eyes.