Back to the “consumer reviews” portion that we said we’d touch on….

If you look around and do your do diligence on the web, there certainly are a lot of people giving their “two cents” on what they think is the best eye cream.  Here are a lot of reasons why you will see so many websites these days out there that talk about eye creams.

1.  Affiliate programs.

How you should rank their eye cream reviews:  GOOD

What these are, in short, are programs that pay website owners a referral fee for sending someone to their site.  It’s a common web marketing strategy that even skin care giants like Murad and Dr. Perricone MD employ in their marketing methods.  While most of the affiliate programs out there run a very clean program, and thoroughly check out their affiliates to ensure they represent the product line with class and only make truthful claims, others don’t do such a great job at it and let their affiliates post whatever they want to say about the said product….(in this case, eye creams.)

So, if you see some well-written, graphically advanced site that tells a miraculous story, chances are you surfed into a good web marketer who is looking to earn a living.  Nothing wrong with that, as long as the marketer tells the truth about the eye cream.  there is nothing wrong with talking about the facts and letting consumers decide what to buy.  However, many of the sites out there these days stretch the truth and “over-sell” a product, which is not good for the end user nor the company who manufactures it.

Banner advertising is usually pretty straight forward, and they are showing up everywhere, even on AOL’s home page!  They are graphic advertisements or general real estate that someone can click on to find the manufacturers site.  Pretty basic, pretty straight forward, and no fluff.  You see an ad, you click on it, and if you like what you see, you buy the eye cream.  You’ll see more and more banners on health portals big and small because consumers are finding that anti aging products do work and have a place in a daily skin care routine.  (There is a reason the beauty departments thrive during tough economic times while car dealerships close left and right.)

In closing, we don’t mind affiliate marketing – when it’s done in the right way.  But it’s important to point out that these “miracle” eye cream reviews do not hold a candle to other forms of consumer reviews you could surf into…..keep reading please.

2.  Health Websites Acknowledge the Importance of Eye Creams

How you should rank eye cream reviews of this nature:  BETTER

Most “big” websites out there earn a decent living earning advertising revenue.  In fact, we classify in this here category of eye cream reviewsthat we will explain below.

So, how do they do this?  Well, it all starts with content.  Content is KING in the online marketing niche.  Web marketers, especially operators of health portals, are recognizing the importance of eye creams, and certainly viewing the search trends – they are going up by ridiculous numbers each month for many reasons – so they in turn are writing about them.  Or, if you take a long gander around the web, you may see stories from large portals such as be re-posted on other sites, Twitter, and of course, Facebook.  There are many people out there with great resumes in the health & wellness industry who operate blogs and frequently talk about skin care products like eye creams.  This is a way to bring eyes to their site and talk about a topic their audience loves.  So, in turn, they will post eye cream reviews and often times, their audience can comment on them.  Again, this all brings traffic to their website, which makes the popularity rise, and in turn, gives the site owners a chance to earn some advertising revenues.

So, in the grand scheme of things, these are eye cream reviews that we give a good weight to – and you should too.

3. & Other Marketplaces

How you should rank eye cream reviews of this nature:  BEST

Now, if you are searching for the best eye cream reviews on the face of the earth, look no further than audited, verified marketplaces like  Channels such as are the gold standard in eye cream reviews, and we’ll tell you why.

For starters, they have no interest in any product they sell. They take a fee no matter what item is sold their their marketplace.  They also verify every seller on their network and stand responsible for their actions.  If a seller falls below their level of service, they simply take away the privilege of using their platform to sell products.

When an eye cream review is posted on, it’s words hold a lot of weight.  With verified third party reviews dealing with a vendor of the product, whether direct or through an authorized re-seller, you can rest assured the product review is legitimate.  There are no incentives to leave consumer reviews on, so we feel this is the most genuine way to find out if an eye cream gets good grades by it’s customers.