The Estee Lauder Re-Nutrive is a collection of creams and serums that target various parts of the face and neck.  This review is specifically about the product called Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Eye Cream.  This collection of skin care treatments offered by Estee Lauder are very pricey.  The Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Eye Cream retails for $125 for a .5 oz jar.  Most people aren’t willing to pay that much money to test out a product.

Estee Lauder describes this product as “ a singular achievement in visible age correction: an ultra-luxurious, all-powerful creme with our ultimate repair technologies and intense hydrators.  Lifting, firming, perfecting your skin’s appearance like never before.”

Furthermore, this product claims to help lift and bring radiant new life to the eye area, reducing the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and crepiness.

This product is created with several life-renewing molecules including:  “Rock of Life” Algae
It has thrived for over 3 billion years, and Estée Lauder Research has discovered a state-of-the-art way to cultivate this algae and harness its astonishing repair and protective benefits.

This amino acid, a supercharged anti-oxidant, is one of the building blocks of life. It recharges skin’s energy, helping skin build its natural reserves of vitality and protection.

Extracted from a sea plant that can only be harvested a few months a year, it helps skin restore its natural ability to produce energy and encourages optimal cell performance.

Re‑Nutriv Life Re-Newing Molecules™ revitalize skin’s appearance so it looks more vividly alive, more radiant and youthful.

With this product you are set up to experience a dramatic age-correcting result around your eye area.  Users of this product have been neutral for the most part in their thoughts.  Some like it but most are sitting on the fence.  Claims are this Creme will leave your ‘astonishingly beautiful’ and full of life.  A bit disappointing to say the least.

Saying this product will achieve age correction is also a bit much.  Ultimate repair technologies and effective hydrators are great claims but subjective.  Hydrating your skin will firm it and lifting your under eye skin literally just isn’t going to happen with any skin Creme.  Science and special technologies are used to help repair, restore and recharge your skin, energize it and leave you looking radiant.

Many customers have been less than impressed with these claims.

Black Tourmaline and other advanced ingredients, along with the Life Re-Newing Molecules™, help skin dramatically amplify its natural collagen production. By encouraging cells to re-strengthen intracellular attachments, they help mimic the support and collagen production naturally found in young skin.A tough claim to prove.  Many people buy this product because you are supposed to see vivid results from the very first moment.  This one is a disappointment because more often than not people feel short-changed here.

Reducing dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness is a tall order for any skin care treatment.  Estee Lauder Re-Nutrive Ultimate Lift does well in have a pleasantly scented, light and absorbent product.  But the jury is still out on whether or not the bang is worth the buck here.

This product claims to do a lot, but many consumers felt disappointed for the investment.