Hydraxatone ReviewHydroxatone is a cosmetic company claiming to provide state-of-the-art formulations that help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, younger-looking complexion. The company’s motto is “With Hydroxatone’s age-defying skincare, you never have to settle for less-than-fabulous.”

I’ll admit, Hydroxatone reviews are all over, and they rave about the product.  For this reason, I just had to try the product.

The brand is on television, on the radio, and as mentioned, on the web.  This company must have some serious backing or raised a ton of venture capital because they literally shot out of a cannon and came out with a big marketing blitz.

A small group of us all put this product to the test together to find out if this product was as fabulous as its makers claim.  This product is more expensive, certainly falling into the “boutique” price range at around $80, but the product is said to help wrinkles appear to be less visible, help provide 24 hours of skin hydration, is safe to use under the brow bone and is dermatologist-tested to be non-irritating.  However, one small blurb did catch our eye, “Helps give area around your eyes the appearance of a younger, temporarily lifted look.”  A temporary lifted look?  Not something our consumers want to read before shelling out the big bucks.  There are plenty of drug store products that will “temporarily” remove fine lines and wrinkles at a fraction of the cost.  We all gave Hydroxatone 30 days since the product doesn’t disclose how long one should wait before noticing results.  While we had a few consumers pleased with the product, the general consensus was that Hydroxatone Liftalyze Eye Lifting Serum is far from the claims they make.  Many consumers felt this product provided almost no results whatsoever and that the serum itself was sticky, tacky, and flaked when applied under makeup.  Many consumers stated they would actually send this product back. (But didn’t because most of us got it at a steep discount on Ebay.)

Results of Hydroxatone – did it live up to the serious claims?

Based on the feedback from our group, we have no solid claims from our panelists as to why we should recommend this product.  Based on the price and the lackluster results this product provides, we cannot encourage readers to try this product.  Maybe we have a different idea of what fabulous is?  Hard to say really what went wrong, but this could be yet another product falling into the instant life category – and our goal here is to find the therapeutic gems.

We had a hard time finding this exact product for anyone inquiring as to how it reviews on Amazon, but we did find this set of Hydroxatone products for sale in case anyone was interested in finding more Hydroxatone reviews or product info.