Jan Marini Eye SerumJan Marini Skin Research (JMSR) is a leading manufacturer of clinically validated skin care and aesthetic products for the professional marketplace.  JMSR is known for creating breakthrough product solutions and dramatic technological advancements. Over the years, the company has established a portfolio of proprietary formulas that reflect its ongoing commitment to be the preeminent developer of skin care products that produce measurable clinical results.  The C-ESTA Eye Cream is for all skin types, is lightweight, and dramatically lessens the appearance of wrinkles and deeper lines, increases skin elasticity and resiliency, leaving skin measurably firmer, tighter and more defined.  This product is compatible with Glycolic Acid products, Retin-A™, topical medications, moisturizers and makeup.  The directions are simple!  Shake well and apply morning and evening to clean skin, over entire face, neck and behind ears.

Simple enough!

The packaging was recently updated and one tester in our group was extremely disappointed after the clear plastic top cracked and leaked in her suitcase leaving the pump exposed and resulting in loss and waste of the product.  This can happen with airless pumps, and this is one of the main reasons the Elite Serum we feature moved from an airless pump to a syringe style dispenser.  The dispenser was a pitfall amongst almost everyone in the group because it often times clogged. Again, chalk this up to the nature of the beast – the airless pump.  This product does oxidize, resulting in a yellowish color, but according to Jan Marini, this will not affect the overall use of the product.  Some users experienced a temporary tightening that faded after the day wore on but claimed that the product did nothing for texture or clarity.  This can be an attribute of an “instant” product.

Results with the Jan Marini C-Esta Eye Serum

Based on the fact that the majority of our group noticed a very small improvement (less than 25%) in overall skin improvement, we cannot recommend this product when there are clearly others out there that we’ve had awesome experiences with.  If you have experience with the Jan Marini eye serum product please leave your review here.