At the urging of many readers, we decided to give a test run on a popular eye product, specifically, the White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum by La Prairie.  You may remember a previous post about caviar as a skin care ingredient – we cited some of the pro’s and con’s that come with this upstart ingredient used by several brands of skin products.

Our test subject was a 31 year old Mother of one, a user of many beauty products and no stranger to eye serums.  The testing was done to see if the La Prairie Eye Serum was able to get rid of dark circles under the eyes and improve discoloration of skin, as the advertisements state.  So, we spent some money on Ebay, in order to get a better deal on this high-ticket eye product, and about three days later, it arrived.

With high expectations, we started testing the La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum.  Here is a commentary written, just days ago, after a 30 day test run of the product.

“The product is immaculately packaged, and certainly has a unique look and feel.  A lot of detail went into this package, and for that reason it sort of sticks out and is hard to forget when you peruse your favorite beauty product retailer.  In fact, I had my eye on this product for about six months, but the high price of the product sort of kept me away from making a purchase.  Of course, once you use one product in a line of skin care products, you most certainly want to use the rest, as most skin products are formulated to work better in tandem anyways.  So, assuming I liked the product, I was sort of hesitant to “love” the product as it would certainly increase my spending on other products in their line.

With high expectations, I started my testing of this eye product.  It was a clever delivery system, with the push-down pump on top of the container, and one that looked really nice at first, but it was hard to get the proper amount of serum into the dropper that is connected to the cap.  I found it hard to apply the eye serum, and with most eye serums that come with medicinal droppers, it’s usually much easier than using an airless pump.  However, in the case of La Prairie, I think their advanced packaging sort of messed up the functionality of the product, which was disappointing.  When you pay a price point like this, the last thing you want to have on your mind is how to properly dispense the serum.  So, I was off to a bad start from the get-go.

When I finally was able to get the right amount out, I was very much relieved.  I found the serum to be a smooth, easy-to-apply product, and it absorbed rather rapidly, which is always a plus and something I look for in eye cream products.  Now, all I had to do was repeat this day and night for about 30 days and I was certain to see some results, right?

Well, I was wrong.  While I felt good for about 5-10 minutes each time I applied this product, I never really noticed any difference, even subtle, in my skin underneath the eyes.  30 days is a good testing period, and I have been able to notice results with other dark circle serums that I’ve used, (at much lower price points I may add.)  Maybe caviar should be kept at fine dining establishments and is best used as an hors d’oeuvre  at dinner parties.  For my skin’s trouble, and at the massive expense involved, (thank God Ebay saved a few bucks in that regard) this product did nothing for the appearance of the skin under my eyes.  I hate to give a bad review of such a popular product, but when the price is so high, it should do SOMETHING noticeable other than look good in my bathroom.”

The above review was submitted by our test subject. While this was her personal experience, yours may be different. is an independant research portal dedicated to providing up to the minute news, information, and reviews of eye creams.

While most of our editorial staff has not had the chance to try the above product discussed in the eye cream review, we can only assume it’s lack of marquee cosemeceutical ingredients are the reason it didn’t peform according to expectations.  We always recommend to our eye cream readers that they should look for products based on scientific research.  Cosmeceutical products are really taking the industry by storm, and are receiving rave reviews by consumers.