lifecellLifeCell Review:  Updated for 2012.

While not technically an eye cream, this anti-wrinkle eye and face product shows up on a number of other eye cream review websites so we felt it was necessary to give it a proper mention.  There is no way you can ignore the existence of Lifcell’s Skin Cream, as it’s been taking over the anti aging cream world by storm.  LifeCell is perhaps the most aggressively marketed ‘miracle’ face cream on the internet. The upside of LifeCell is that the product does encompass rejuvenation for the entire face, neck, and eyes, treating every single skin impurity in that zone.

LifeCell ReviewDoes LifeCell work?

Another upside of LifeCell is that it’s currently being offered on a free trial basis.  Make sure you understand what you are getting into when you buy LifeCell or any “free trial” eye cream for that matter.  Many people don’t properly read how they work and set themselves up for a sour experience. We took a long look at the ingredients in LifeCell, and the one that stands out to us is Argireline, which we cover extensively on this eye cream website. Many happy customers across the globe have posted solid wrinkle cream reviews after using this product.  We’ve read LifeCell reviews that fail to omit these facts, and it’s important as consumers that you know how the Lifecell wrinkle cream billing system works.  It’s fair, but you must understand it or it can cause confusion.

While it did somewhat meet all the criteria of our efficacy tests, that is it reduced wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, the results were in the same ballpark as to results experienced with products at lower price points.  The problem most people have with LifeCell is that is promises the world and markets itself as an “end-all” solution to all skin problems from the neck up. Lacking a laundry list of marquee ingredient, especially one that works to treat dark circles (such as Haloxyl), it’s hard to rank it among the best eye creams on the market, but in all fairness to the makers of LifeCell, this is not really an eye cream, and more of a full-facial rejuvenation cream.

While there may be better values for full skin rejuvenation systems, LifeCell’s anti wrinkle cream is the go-to product for many buyers of anti aging products and the brand remains in good standing with our website and hasn’t generated any complaints.  In fact, the LifCell wrinkle cream reviews have been quite outstanding.

Effect on the skin around the Eyes
Reduces Wrinkles Yes
Reduces Dark Circles No
Reduces Puffiness Yes
Contains Antioxidants No
Manufactured according to FDA guidelines YES
Overall Rating B

If you have used LifeCell’s anti aging product, please submit a full review in the comments section and tell others about your experience.  Help consumers through your product reviews and comments, it’s greatly appreciated!  Thanks for reading the official LifeCell review.