Meaningful Beauty Eye Enhancing Serum is an eye serum by Cindy Crawford that is formulated to deliver an anti-aging boost to the delicate skin around the eyes.  Its advanced peptides are designed to combat the look of crow’s feet, wrinkles and other visible signs of premature aging.  It also contains an exclusive super-antioxidant SOD, designed to help protect against environmental damage.  The super-antoxidant, SOD, is the key ingredient and a comes from a rare melon cultivated in a remote region South of France.  Other ingredients help retain moisture and encourage barrier repair to keep the eye area toned and hydrated.  There is a lack of information available about what these “other ingredients” are.  In fact, we cannot find any additional information anywhere on the web.  This product claims to help smooth the appearance of crow’s feet and is created with French Melon Super Antioxidant benefits designed to firm, tone, and moisturize.

This product can be purchase online from many places including QVC and Amazon and retails for approximately $30 for .5 oz.

Many customers were excited about this new skincare product line by Cindy Crawford.  Hoping they would be satisfied paying a little more than usual for a quality skin care product.  Unfortunately most ended up feel a tad disappointed to say the least. Most customers report they were disappointed with the results.  This seems to be a perfect example of a celebrity endorsement of a product that really just does not work.

This serum is supposed to tone, firm and moisturize where other facial creams fall short, through twice daily applications.   Although it does moisturize as advertised, it doesn’t do anything special.  There are hundreds of cheaper creams on the market that do the same thing.  This specialty cream claims to make you look younger, tighten skin, get rid of black circles and noticeably reduce wrinkles.  Unfortunately most of which seems to fall short.  You can get all of those results by eating right, exercising daily and getting more sleep.

The cream does glide on smoothly and doesn’t feel oily of heavy.  It’s easily absorbed into the skin.  But it lacks anything more.

This lightweight serum is formulated to blend in with other skin care products and is designed to be worn underneath your normal makeup.  It contains a melon fruit extract that is satisfactory but nothing special.  This is one of the few antioxidants it claims to contain, along with a small measure of peptide.  This is all good, but nothing wonderful.

This serum is formulated or marketed for under the eyes, but there’s nothing unique about it to give you reason to put it there.  In fact you really don’t need a specialty cream for under your eyes because any facial serum will do the trick.

If you do decide to purchase this product, despite the blah reviews, be sure to order directly through  According to the site, Meaningful Beauty offers a 60 day money back guarantee, even if the bottles are empty.  The refund will not include Shipping and Handling charges and you will be responsible for the cost of shipping to send the product back.