Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum

Sudden Change Eye serum ReviewWe decided to document the Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum based on the fact that it is in a price range that is very appealing to many consumers. This product can be purchased at various large chain drugstores and ranges in price from $9.99 to $19.99. Just like any product of this price range, you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for the miraculous results!

This product claims to eliminate lines, wrinkles, dark circles & puffiness in just 3 minutes, claiming that they disappear! To apply this product, you place 2 drops of serum into the palm of your hand. Add one dot of foundation and mix with finger. Using fingertip, smooth on from inner to outer corner of under-eye area. Once applied, you must keep face still. Do not frown or smile until completely dry (in 3 minutes). You will feel a tightening effect, which means the product is working. Do not go over again. Repeat with other eye. When dry, apply foundation to rest of face. Do not go over under-eye area again. We find these instructions a little bizarre, stating you must “Keep face still.” What if you happen to spill a hot cup of coffee on yourself during the 3 minute drying period?  Not likely, I know, but this is a really bizarre way to apply eye cream.

Based on the fact that this product offers a money back guarantee and isn’t pricy to begin with, we decided to let you be the judge of this one.  However, it’s a bit weird to have a money back guarantee when it’s available at places like Walgreens and other retailers where it’s not really a normal thing to return a beauty product.  At least not in our experience, we’ve never returned anything in this price range, but then again there are people from all walks of life and budgets so I guess it’s a good thing to have that guarantee.  We are going to bet that if the product does work at all, the changes to the skin are only temporary and will not leave any long standing effects on your under eyes.  Most “instant” products are just like this – make-up, if you will.  Eye creams that work over time, in a therapeutic manner, are where we find most of our solid scores and review grades.

Chances are, this product will end up under your sink buried in a pile with all of the other cheap drugstore beauty purchases you have made in the past – but perhaps people will chime in and say otherwise – we’ll let the consumer reviews for Sudden Change eye serum do the talking and leave the judging up to you all.

Sudden Change eye serum is sold in many sizes and price points, so it all depends what you are looking for, but you can follow the link below to find out more about the product and read consumer reviews on

Sudden Change Under-eye Firm Serum .23 oz.

17 Responses to “Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum”



  2. Linn

    Love this product, but directions are poor. If it dries flaky, you are using too much..dab water onto skin to dilute it, tilt head back until dry. In general, apply a drop under your eye in problem area to tighten AFTER all other makeup is applied including mascara. This should be the last thing you do. Tilt head back until dry. It will tighten the skin. To refresh during the day, pat under eye with cold water, tilt head back, wait for it to dry. Not for dark circles, but does tighten bags and wrinkles.

  3. sheeshee

    It did work for puffiness, somehow, but the mess I was left with was no better than the puffiness I started with. I would not recommend this product to anybody. Use a glue stick and apply under your eyes. You’ll get the same results.

  4. gloria austin

    I love sudden change but can’t get it here in canada, at least where I live in st.thomas,ontario.
    Is it possible I’m missing a store. Read a comment that someone ran it down.
    Don’t understand that It works for me. If I could find it
    gloria austin

  5. daniella_gore

    Foundation and under eye concealer cannot be applied over this. It will look like a hot, dry, wrinkled mess. Utter disappointment. Shame on me I know, but I really wanted this product to

  6. Heather Osterhouse

    I didn’t have the same issues that other people had as far as making my skin look dry. Maybe they were using too much or I wasn’t using enough. This worked for a few hours, but definetly needed to be re-applied throughout the day to keep the effect going.

  7. Carly Bauknekt

    This product doesn’t dry clear. It left a disgusting film under my eyes and when I applied concealer over it, I looked like an old wrinkled woman.

  8. Angela Palmer

    Great product, but the only problem is that it doesn’t last anywhere near the 8 hours promised. Maybe a half hour, tops. Plan to carry it with you everywhere for touch ups!


    Waste of money. Dry, flaky film that you can’t even apply makeup over. WOuld never purchase again or recommend to anyone.

  10. Karrn Swift

    Doesn’t work, but what do you expect for $10? If you’re going to try it, buy it from Walgreens so you can return it.

  11. JDaehn

    This product works, but as other reviewers have stated, it must be applied on top of your foundation/concealer. I tried applying under makeup and noticed the flakiness, too. Using it on top of makeup is definitely key. I’ve used many products, at different price levels, and this works surprisingly well.

  12. Deana Brownsberry

    The skin feels tight that’s for sure but thats because its totally dried out after applying this product which ends up making fine lines look 10x as bad because it accenuates them. I wouldn’t buy it again but since it was pretty cheap to begin with I am not hugely disappointed in the outcome.

  13. Karen Scholfield

    This product does immediately make your skin feel tighter, but it also makes your skin feel dry, like your skin will crack if you smile. No good.


    I just found this product at Wal-Mart for $8.97. I decided to try it. For less than $10 if it works even the tiniest bit it would be worth it to me because I am so sick of spending money on products that don’t do what they claim.

  15. Nicole Younk

    Great product for the price. I cant afford high end products so the fact that this one is budget friendly is a huge plus. As long as I don’t accidentaly use to much product it doesn’t flake.

  16. Joanna

    This product just did not work for me. I tried it several times and each time the same
    result. I tried ordering, buyng at drug stores,and on line it does not matter it just
    didn’t work for me.

  17. caroline

    The problem with this ‘firming’ effect is that once it dries and you smile or move your face, your under eye area literally feels like its going to crack. It makes under eye wrinles look worse and it doesnt do anything for dark circles.

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