The Truth About Avoiding Facial Wrinkles

Time marches on and no one can stop the sands of time, which means that as you get older, wrinkles will form on your face. It is said that with wrinkles comes wisdom, but in a culture that is very youth-centered, it’s easy to throw one’s common sense right out the window and go off the deep end, obsessing over the crow’s feet you somehow developed overnight. No matter how many peels, masks, prescriptions and processes you may employ, wrinkling is going to win, life without them is virtually impossible. But just because wrinkles are here doesn’t mean you have to let out a big sigh and collapse into entropy, far from it. You can manage your skin to prevent wrinkles or keep existing wrinkles at bay with these simple habits.

Get Natural

Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes is good for your health in many ways, but the antioxidants in them can also prevent harm that comes from cell-damaging free radicals that attack your skin, so eat those leafy greens.

Protect Yourself from the Elements

Sunscreen, moisturizer and wide-brimmed hats are your friends, and can’t be emphasized enough. Avoid direct sunlight and strong winds. A sunscreen that also contains vitamin E will be especially effective in preserving your face and preventing wrinkles.

Hit the Sack

Beauty sleep is real! Human growth hormone is made by your body as you sleep, but it starts to taper off as you age. This means that sleep is more restorative than ever, since if you don’t get your sleep, there will be visible signs.

Wear Shades, Wear Reading Glasses, Adjust your Computer Screen

If you can keep yourself from narrowing your eyes into little slits all the time, you’re on the right track.  Wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV rays as well as keep you from the need to squint, you can’t lose if you wear a pair when the sun is bright. I things look blurry when reading, time to get to the eye doctor and get a prescription for reading glasses. If you don’t want glasses, there are many affordable tablets on the market that carry all kinds of periodicals and books and on these devices, you can make the type as large as you like, no one will know you’ve adjusted the type and you will look like the modern, tech savvy person you are.

Gayle contributes to today from Germany


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