Eye Cream, Serum, or Gel?

Many people are becoming confused with all of the terminology going around in the skin care market.  Today, we’ll dive into a few of the interchangeable terms used for under eye products.

What is the Best Under Eye Treatment?  

A look at eye gels, eye creams, and eye serums.

The answer will change depending on who you ask and what sort of experience you have with eye products.

Let’s first look at what these products attempt to treat, and assume they all have the same common goals:

  • Reduce or conceal dark under eye circles
  • Reduce eye puffiness
  • Cure dark circles
  • Stimulate collagen regeneration under the eyes (this area of skin becomes thin QUICK)
  • Eliminate or diminish fine lines
  • Eliminate or diminish wrinkles

Lastly, there is one BIG thing that people attempt to do with their eye products, and perhaps it’s the most common complaint among people who are 40+.

Remove eye wrinkles!

Those nasty eye wrinkles, otherwise known as “crows feet,” are probably the best example of what bothers consumers most as they age.  While crows feet cannot be completely removed, they can be concealed greatly by using a daily eye product or eye wrinkle cream.

Eye wrinkle creams (whether you buy it as an eye product or as an anti wrinkle cream) can effectively conceal wrinkles around the eyes.  For this matter, it’s worth nothing that the best active ingredient an eye product can contain is Argireline.  This anti aging breakthough ingredient has been called by some “the best needle free alternative to Botox injections.”  That’s quite the comparison, and for people (like us) who fear the needle and don’t really want to make a big deal out of hiding wrinkles, an eye wrinkle cream is the best solution.

Argireline is commonly found in serums, as it is in our recommended product, Elite Serum.

It’s just too hard to formulate into a cream, such as an eye cream.  That leads us back to the question we posed today – what is the best eye product, an eye cream, serum, or gel?  Well, if eye wrinkles are your concern, an eye serum is probably the route to go, as it has the ability to treat the affected area of skin in a much more direct manner than an eye cream.

An eye cream is probably best for protecting your skin from future damage as a cream is much easier to mix with ingredients that provide a sun protection factor (spf).  For this reason, eye creams that contain spf are probably the best option for anyone who is looking for a preventative measure to fight the elements of the sun, providing your eye cream does have an adequate amount of spf.

Eye gels have been gaining steam in recent years as an alternative to eye creams and serums.  While “gel” is a marketing word, it lacks the medicinal value of an eye serum.  You simply can’t pack in all of same anti aging ingredients in a gel as the best anti aging ingredients do not bond together when they are put in that form.  However, there are plenty of eye gels that can deliver a cure for eye bags and also work as a great moisturizing option.  Look for an eye gel that comes in a tube, as an airless pump can become clogged with the sticky gel.  A tube also offers a much more precise delivery of the product and saves money when compared to an airless pump.  The airless pumps are hard to maneuver sometimes  as they often spit out way too much of your product, and with the amount of money eye cream products sell for, it’s important you have an effective delivery system.

So, the short answer, for those of you who emailed us, is that whenever you are looking for the best anti aging treatment to get rid of the many symptoms of aging, go with an eye serum.  The viscosity of serums allow for many more ingredients to be included in the formula.   If you are looking for something to protect you and moisturize the skin below your eyes, go with an eye cream.  If you find some ingredients in a certain eye gel that intrigue you, by all means, investigate it further and if you have any questions, email us:  sales@eyecream.com.

You can never do too much homework when you buy eye creams, and that’s why we are the best eye cream resource on the web. Make sure you visit our home page and see all of the effort that’s gone into our eye cream review database dating back to 2010.

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