What to do AFTER using an Eye Cream

Most people read about a certain eye cream, use it as directed, and then discontinue use after the results are seen.  While that is certainly understandable, (hey in this economy who can afford all these skin products!) there are many ways to enhance the use of  your eye cream (or serum) well after you’s squeezed out that last drop.  This article talks about several things you can do to prolong the effects of your skin products, in particular, your eye creams.

Keep in mind that the best eye creams & serums usually sell in about a 60 day supply.  While it’s certainly possible you can see results well before 60 days (some will cover wrinkles and treat dark circles in just 15-20 days) most people will agree that even with diligent use it’s not always easy to get the results you are looking for until the final weeks of applying the eye cream.  So first off, be patient.  Don’t fret if your eye wrinkles aren’t gone after 2-3 weeks.  Don’t throw in the towel just yet, keep being persistent, apply as directed, and remain calm.  We like to compare the use of any anti aging eye treatments (or wrinkle treatments in general for that matter) to a quest to lose weight.  Sure, it’s easy to work out for a week or two and become frustrated.  Sometimes no matter how hard you work the weight just doesn’t seem to come off and the human body just doesn’t become perfect fast enough.  Using eye creams is a comparable mission – good results come with a diligent effort and over the long term.  So just like you shouldn’t give up on your weight loss goals after only a week or two, you can’t call an eye cream a failure until you use the product as directed.  Too many people expect miracles from eye creams, and when this happens, it creates false expectations that the skin product manufacturing companies just can’t live up to.  In all fairness to them, use the products as directed and ask questions if you have them.

Now, here are the top five ways you can enhance the “after-life” of your eye products.

1.  Use sunblock or an spf cream in the treated area. Chances are that the sun caused you to buy an eye cream in the first place, so hopefully you learned a lesson from that and are taking measures against this beast going forward.

2.  Moisturize and hydrate. Use a daily moisturizer to protect and add moisture to the affected area.  Drink plenty of water.  This not only helps you flake off dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, but also gives your skin a shiny tone.

3.  Find a maintenance serum or DNA repair cream. Any cream that works at the cellular level can really prolong the effects of any anti aging cream.   Telomere creams are always a good way to go if you don’t know where to start looking.  (We take a look at a system of skin products at the end of this entry that includes a Telomere maintenance cream.)

4.  Consume antioxidant rich foods. Antioxidants fight free radicals, and this is very important for your skin’s well being.  Try to eat nuts, berries, and vegetables on a daily basis.  Alternatively, you can find antioxidants in red wines (resveratrol) and in acai berry drinks.

5.  Repeat using the eye cream. The best way to keep an eye cream working after you use it is to repeat the entire eye treatment again.  Sure, it can get costly, but even repeating once per year can go a long way to help you get rid of the many aging symptoms that develop around the eyes.  Ideally, you should wear an eye cream daily, but if you can’t, try to keep the ingredients fresh in your skin by repeating the cycle later in the year.

For those of you who with to stimulate collagen regrowth as well as get to the DNA level of the skin, long-time advertiser of eyecream.com, EliteSkin, has launched a system of skin products that compliments and enhances any anti wrinkle or anti aging facial cream, such as an eye cream.  It’s called the DNA Rejuvenation system, and it combines three anti aging treatments:

1.  Telomere Cell Cream. Strives to maintain cellular activity and promote telomere strength.

2.  HGF Youth Elixir. Uses human growth factor, a powerful stimulant to cellular metabolism.

3.  Cryogenic moisturizer. This product is cool, (no pun-intended) in a different way.  You store it in the refrigerator for optimal results as it’s a cold-activated facial cream.

Individually these products start at $79, but you can buy the three piece system for only $139 as a great way to enhance any anti aging or anti wrinkle treatment.

EliteSkin Anti Aging Skin Care Products


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